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At Bell Bank, you'll be greeted by happy employees who go the extra mile. We want to give you a memorable banking experience with financial guidance in your best interest. At Bell, we sincerely care about people. And one of those people is you.

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Switching banks is easier than you think. (It's sure easier than feeding your kid peas).

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Save thousands at closing with no mortgage origination fee.

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As owner of The Shack on Broadway, Tanya Bale knows the value of great customer service. That’s just one of the reasons she banks at Bell Bank.

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Bell Updates May 18, 2018

Life Lessons Learned in Military

Army Reserve Capt. Andrew Gaydos puts his military experience to work every day as Bell Bank’s physical security officer in charge of making sure the bank’s buildings and grounds are as secure as possible and the policies and procedures are created to maximize security.

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Pay It Forward May 14, 2018

‘A Ripple Effect of Giving’

The Pay It Forward program has made a big difference in the lives of the people who have received the money, but it has also had a profound impact on Bell as a company and its employees.

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